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Web Lite TV 0.9b Released

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Web Lite TV 0.9b is the first public release of the software that allows you to stream your iTunes video collection to your iPad.  There have been approximately 1500 installations in the first 12 hours since the release.  If you have installed it, please leave us some feedback on the site, either in the forum or in the comment boxes at the bottom of any page of the site.  As this is beta software we are anxious to learn how it is being received, and what we can do to improve the software.

Download Web Lite TV 0.9b at

And we’re live

Monday, June 28th, 2010

The future is bright for the world of home video.  With the introduction of the iPad we now have the unprecedented ability to watch TV anywhere in our house without a cord attached.  The age of the “bedroom” TV is now over.  It is now possible to fire up your iPad and get your late night television fix that way.

Web Lite TV started out as a personal project because I have a couple of terabyte drives filled with video content in my iTunes library and I wanted a way to watch that video elsewhere in the house on my iPad.  Copying these files to my iPad was unfeasible and all of the existing offerings in the App store are missing support for DRM protected video files (i.e. any videos you purchase off of iTunes).  Since a large portion of my collection was purchased from iTunes, I needed a solution that would let me play these files also – and Web Lite TV was born.

We have decided to release it to the Mac community as free software, so enjoy.  The current version is still in beta so if you find bugs, please let us know.

Steve Hannah
Web Lite Solutions Corp.