Converting Videos for iPhone

 The iPhone doesn't support high definition video so some videos may not be playable on your iPhone directly through Web Lite TV.  If you try to play a video that your iPhone doesn't support, you'll likely receive a message like the following:


To overcome this problem, you'll need to convert the video to be playable on your iPhone.  There are countless utilities available to perform such conversions.  A couple of such tools include:

  • Handbrake
    A free application for Mac that can convert videos into many different formats including iPhone and iPad.
  • iSquint
    Another free, and easy-to-use application for doing video conversions.
  • Vuze
    A powerful file sharing program that happens to have excellent support for converting files to iPhone format.

 Conversion Instructions using Handbrake

Start by opening the Handbrake application on your Mac.  It will begin by showing you a file dialog to select the video file that you wish to convert.


After selecting the file, you should select 'iPhone' from the list of formats in the right drawer:

Finally, you should select the destination file and click "Start":


Once the conversion is complete you should add the new video to your iTunes library.  The next time you try to play the "new" file on your iPhone, it should play without any problems.

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