Getting Started

To get started with Web Lite TV, download the application and copy it to your Applications folder.

Now open the Web Lite TV application by double clicking its icon.  You will likely get an introduction screen as follows:

Now click the "Install Now" button so that Web Lite TV can install the web application that will be used to publish your iTunes library for viewing on your iPhone and iPad.  Because this step needs to be able to enable websharing on your Mac, it will prompt you for your username and password to continue:

It may take a few seconds to complete the installation...  When it completes, the following window will be displayed which gives you the URL where you can point your iPhone/iPad to in order to start watching videos from your iTunes library.

At this point you can fire up the old iPod or iPad's Safari web browser and navigate to the URL specified.  (In the above example that would be http://macbook.local/itunes).  The intro page will look something like:


The main screen gives you a few options to choose from:

  • My Movies
    Allows you to browse and watch movies that are stored on your iTunes library.
  • My TV Shows
    Allows you to browse and watch your TV shows by series, season, and episode.
  • Movie Trailers
    Allows you to browse and watch movie trailers from some of the latest movies available for rent and purchase through iTunes.  You can rent/buy these movies on your iPod or iPad directly using Web Lite TV and begin watching them instantly.

Below are some more screenshots of various parts of the interface:

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