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 This document is intended to serve as a resource for frequently asked questions that involve troubleshooting the product.

What do I do when I get a "broken" icon on for a video?
A "broken" icon generally means that your video file cannot be found. This can happen for various reasons but most commonly:
  • The file was deleted or moved on your Mac, but you haven't updated your iTunes library to reflect its new location.
  • The file resides outside of the prescribed shared directories for Web Lite TV. See Adding Shares for more information.

"This movie could not be played" : What do I do?
If you get this message, it generally means that the video is in a format not supported by your iPhone or iPad. Generally speaking, your iPad should be able to play anything that you play through iTunes. Your iPhone, however, is limited on the resolutions of video that it supports. This message most likely means that your video it too high resolution for your phone to handle and you need to convert it to a smaller format in order to play. For more information about converting videos to play on your iPhone, please see Converting Videos for your iPhone
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