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Adding Shares

Last updated Monday, June 28, 2010 - 532 weeks ago

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 Adding Shared Directories to Web Lite TV

By default, Web Lite TV will only share files in your iTunes Music folder (i.e. your default iTunes library location).  If you are storing videos in other locations as well, you need to tell Web Lite TV about these locations in order for the videos to be accessible to your iPhone or iPad.

You can add these shared directories in the Settings panel of the Web Lite TV desktop application (i.e. not on your iPhone/iPad.  On your Mac).  The settings panel looks like:

If files are not being shared, then you'll see a warning box like the one in the above image listing the videos that currently fall outside of the shared paths.

Method #1: Share All

The "Share All" button at the bottom of the warning box will result in all currently unshared videos being shared.  Clicking this button will cause the parent directory of each unshared video to be added to the list of shared directories.  This is the nuclear option that should work all the time.

Method #2: Manually adding shares

If you are more particular about which folders get shared, you can also use the "Add Share" button (still in the Settings panel).  This will allow you to add directories individually to the list of shared directories for your application.

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